35,205 and counting!

Yes, I am determined to get to 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo even if it kills me! (Though hopefully it won’t!)

This is the 2nd night in a row that I am up till 3am writing, but i’ve done over another 5000 words! I will need to do this for the next three nights… or 7500 for the next two! Now, the only thing that i’m not sure of is whether I will need to have my novel complete and wrapped up by then, or if I’m good as long as I have over 50k in words? At this moment it doesn’t even matter as long as I have 50K methinks!

So less than 15,000 to go!


And the race is on!!! 25,000 words in 5 days!

So here I am. I’ve obviously taken way too may liberties in my quest to write a novel. The main one being that I went on a driving trip to NY. It took about 22 hours to get there, and 24 to get back since we stopped at Washington D.C. to see some of the sites like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and even the White House. In NY we where in a touristy mode as well as I went to the Thanksgiving Day parade, The Empire State building (the top!), a horse carriage ride in central park, walked through chinatown, little italy, and South Street Seaport just to name a few. So I didn’t really have any time or energy to write. In all honesty I didn’t even get to open up my laptop.

Well, that’s enough of the catch up. Right now it is 2:47am and I need to get some sleep. I will need to complete over 5,000 words a day to keep my goal of 50,000 words. I managed to complete it tonight, but not sure how i’m going to be able to do this for the next 4 days. It wasn’t easy.

Anyway… we’re up to 30,047 words… 19,953 to go!!!

Today (or technically yesterday or Monday) I met up for the last Monday Write-in! Thanks guys and gals for your support! Good luck!

And the NaNoWriMo count so far… 24,708!

I am so close to half-way that I can smell it! I will probably work on it at work, and it shouldn’t be hard at all. Of course I’m still behind, but for someone who has never written a book before 25,000 words is an accomplishment (albeit a small one… but baby steps… just have to remember baby steps!).

I went to my local write-in yesterday where only two other people showed up yesterday. I guess this was because officially there wasn’t going to be a meeting, but it was great that we were able to talk more in-depth about our stories and how to get there rather than the larger groups where there are too many conversations going on at once. I’m trying to remember their names (i’m so bad with names), I know Sandy because she was there from our first meeting and then there was…. aaaaahhhh… well, her business card says Ashley Ladd… but even she told me that is just her writing alias… so let’s call her Ashley though I know that this is going to kill me for the rest of the day! lol.

This is Ashley’s first attempt at NaNoWriMo (just like me) so she is definitely a kindered spirit… though a much better prepared one! Her and Sandy were already in their mid 30’s, but I digress.  I haven’t checked out her page yet, but for any of you interested she is at www.ashleyladd.com, www.ellorascave.com, and has apparently already plublished at www.newconceptspublishing.com. Go Ashley!

Ok… i’m getting back to work! 🙂

We shall see what happens tonight!!!

Well, i’ve been a busy beaver… just not busy on my writing. I must be getting cocky thinking that I will be able to catch up 10,000 words in one weekend. I’ve decided to take a trip this coming week and visit my family and friends for the Thanksgiving weekend in NY. So I had to run a few errands today, plus i’ve been attending a few social functions this last Weds, Thurs, and Friday. That’s right… WEVMAX, the new party animal! Well, I better start partying in my writing and as such I think that I will include the fun parts of the last three days into at least ONE night in my book! Write what you know… right?

So back to today… i’ve done everything that I wanted to do except writing… I woke up late (had to catch up on my sleep) around 11am. Went for a walk around the block (2.75 miles) for excercise, and then had to run some errands (post office, shopping, etc.). Have I mentioned how great the Nintendo Wii System is yet? I know that you can’t FIND it anywhere… but for a great hint checkout this tech blog which gave me some great success in finding one!

Basically you can call up your nearest GAMESTOP/EBGames store (from their website you can get your local phone number for one). If you give them a call they will let you know if they actually have it available. I’ve been able to call a few in my area, if they don’t have it I get a good idea when they will get it, and when you call and they have it you can run to their store and buy it. I’ve managed to find quite a few for friends and family this way.

So one of my shopping items was in buying Metroid Prime 3:Corruption and I got, eehhrr… should we say “distracted” for a few hours with it. BUT, i’ve saved my game and promised myself that I won’t play it again till i’ve caught up to within ONE DAYS word count! Let me just say that this game is HOT! I’m sure that you can find plenty of review on this if you just search for it, so i’ll leave it at that.

Anyway… i’m going to get back to the effort of writing! I’ll post up later how i’m doing!

See ya!

Stumble number two!!!! :-)

Ok… I don’t think that we can even call it a stumble… this week it was more of being lazy! I went to my local Nano Write-in and met some more great people that are all in the same boat as I am. After that day I came out with a grand total of 17,450 and I was feeling on TOP of the WORLD as they say… which was just enough for me to get cocky, lazy, and not write anything for the last 3 days!

Monday I went to bed easily knowing that I wrote over 3,000 words that day. Tuesday I arrived at home late, had dinner, and while watching tv in bed shortly afterwards I feel asleep. “No Problem”,  i thought, “I’m only behind one day.”  Wednesday I came home late and fell asleep again. Thursday I had gone out with some buddies from work (my friend Jon is leaving to Mass. so we had to give him a good send-off), and by the time that I arrived at home, 10:30pm, I had just enough time to watch a tv show with my girlfriend before passing out… and here we are… FRIDAY!

The carrot at the end of our stick (aka… the work week). The reason that we keep telling ourselves that we work hard all week for, just to relax for the weekend! The day that we all wish EVERY WORK DAY was! Good ole Friday, and I don’t have anything else to show for it on my word count.

On the positive side… I did write down some interesting plot twist that should make for some explosive writing spurts this weekend! I’m sure as hell hoping that they do! I calculated that by the end of tonight I should have 26, 672 words! So i’m about 9,000 words shy! As long as I have my plot twists on hand… i will be good for it.

Now, I will have to write ahead because I’m planning on going up to NY for the Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll spit out the details later! (the procrastinator in me always wins out!).

So i’ve received some words of encouragement from my two NY buddies… Phil & Johnny… and I just wanted to say that as always, thank you for your friendship and most importantly for your support! Check you later! 🙂

Finally! A writing spurt for NaNoWriMo!

So I was pissed about losing my Fantasy Football  game today, and I pretty much stayed home all day. All i wanted to add (since it  is 2:40am and I have to go to work today morning), is that I finally wrote with honor today! At current count I am up to 14,470 words! A new record for me! Just 35, 530 to go! LOL

I will say that the preparations  that I made seem to have helped me alot. First of all I went through alot of the forums at the Nanowrimo website, and this helped me flesh out a few things like at least having a rough character profile, an excel spreadshett with a timeline that I could space out some thoughts, and I even created a daily word counter where I can put the daily amount of words that I wrote that day, it would add up the total, calculate by how much I am off pace (or ahead of which hasn’t happened yet… but give it time!), and it even displays a pie chart showing how much i’ve completed based on my numbers and how much I have to go. To be on pace, and in total to get up to 50,000 words!

Suffice to say, I  do think that it helped! I was able to double my word count in one day because of  it, and  I think that it was  pretty decent writing to boot! The other thing that really helped me out was  re-reading through my first 3 chapters. I know that we aren’t supposed to look back at what we wrote, but for me it helped because I was able to add alot more detail to my story and think about how it was all going to come together (now that I had a timeline). So if it helped me, then I guess that it couldn’t be all that bad right?  🙂

Well, i’m going to take a quick shower and go to bed. I will  shower before going to bed because I KNOW that I will be waking up late and be in a rush. If i shower now I will be eliminating shower time in the morning! See, I do like to plan ahead!

Wish me luck! And hopefully later today (Monday) I’ll be able to catch up and write the 5, 000 + words that I will need to write to be caught up to my daily amount for Tuesday! I’m looking forward to that! Good night!