Wow… it’s been years!!! LITERALLY!

So i’m successfully focusing this week on my health with diet and excercise. I say successfully because it has been 2 days and i haven’t faltered yet. Yes, yes… i know… it IS EARLY to say but considering my recent attempts in the last few MONTHS, it is actually the longest that i have stuck with it so far.

Long story short, I decided that i wanted to keep a blog on my experience so far, to see if it keeps me on the straight and narrow as they say… and i remembered that i had a wordpress blog… YEARS ago.To be exact… last time i posted a blog was October 30th 2008!!!!

Not a typo.

With that in mind… i will try to make the creative juices flow and let this be a bit of a journal. Let’s see how often i keep up with it.

I doubt that anyone who was following me before is still doing so (cause if you are… you are one PATIENT Motha SHUTYOURMOUTH! šŸ™‚

Let’s see what can be done and welcome back WEVMAX!


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