Wow… it’s been years!!! LITERALLY!

So i’m successfully focusing this week on my health with diet and excercise. I say successfully because it has been 2 days and i haven’t faltered yet. Yes, yes… i know… it IS EARLY to say but considering my recent attempts in the last few MONTHS, it is actually the longest that i have stuck with it so far.

Long story short, I decided that i wanted to keep a blog on my experience so far, to see if it keeps me on the straight and narrow as they say… and i remembered that i had a wordpress blog… YEARS ago.To be exact… last time i posted a blog was October 30th 2008!!!!

Not a typo.

With that in mind… i will try to make the creative juices flow and let this be a bit of a journal. Let’s see how often i keep up with it.

I doubt that anyone who was following me before is still doing so (cause if you are… you are one PATIENT Motha SHUTYOURMOUTH! 🙂

Let’s see what can be done and welcome back WEVMAX!


Follow up to “Thin line between cheating or not”…

So I hope that SOMEONE read my blog (doesn’t look like it… oh well!). Anyway, in case you were wondering, yes, it was a girl who thought that Step 1, thinking about someone in a romantic way was cheating.

Personally, I disagreed with that. Why? I won’t go as far as to say that the WRITER in me has to have a creative mind, but I’ve imagined some pretty saucy “thoughts, acts, and experiences” with attractive women that i’ve met. I’ve always been respectful, never crossed the line, i’m even careful about not letting my “eyes wander” and have never acted on these “thoughts”… but according to my friends classification, i’m a no good cheater!!!!

If this were the de-facto standard there wouldn’t be a single “non-cheating” man on this planet! I think that men are generally hard coded (and that was not meant as a pun… though i kind of “got it” LOL) to be this way. As boys getting into puberty, most boys spend their time trying to look at girls, girl pics, and fantasizing about them and everything that they would LOVE to do to them. Girls on the other hand, generally are thinking of the romance, and the sweet actions and gestures that boys can do to win her heart. Big difference right there alone! Now I don’t believe in absolutes, so of course there is a good portion of both genders that fall in the middle, or on the opposite side of either tracks… but the majority of men and women fall under these categories.

And of course, it was a man that said that as long as he doesn’t love the mistress, or would leave his wife for the mistress, then it isn’t cheating… which any sane person can acknowledge as a bit twisted and not true… my personal rule: If anything of yours or theirs penetrates an opening… it’s cheating. LOL.