Can you remember why you don’t eat ______ ?

So my significant other apparently LOOOVVVEEESSSS Tapioca pudding, and I seem to have an unreasonable aversion to it (I don’t like it I say!).

Now, anyone who knows me can tell that it is RARE that I don’t “not like” ANYTHING! I’m a pretty open-minded eater… and I would even eat things that I don’t like under the right circumstances (like if I am a guest at someone’s home and they served me eggplant… I would still eat it and as far as they would know I would LOVE IT!).

I like to test my own limits, so I made some tapioca and want to know what I came up with? I don’t like tapioca because I faintly remembered eating some when I was about 10 years young and being sick. So I was sick when I last had it… and somehow I’ve associated tapioca with making me sick. Now, most of you are probably just thinking, “Yeah? So what’s the big deal?” But it got me thinking. What if the MAJORITY of the foods that you don’t like, have fallen into that category because at some point when you ate them, you either got sick, or were already sick through no fault of the particular food??? (Bad tapioca in my case?) So tapioca may have inadvertently gotten a bad rap in my book!

What reinforced this thought is that I spent some time with my brother who is a very picky eater, and we were just discussing why he doesn’t like pumpkin pie, but that he used to a few years ago? When asked why not, he admitted that he was sick and ate some a few years ago, and it OBVIOUSLY made him sicker (thought it may have had nothing to do with his sickness)… and now he can’t STAND pumpkin pie… but it’s PUMPKIN PIE! Oh well, just food for thought?

What do you think? Think of a food that you don’t really like or eat… and then think back as far as you can and see when was the last time that you ate it, or tried it? You may remember something that you forgot.

Found a few tips on what may make you “dislike” certain foods here. There was even an interesting article from the BBC saying how kids might be inadvertently programmed to dislike certain foods which can add some further info to this topic. Check them out and let me know what you think.

So I made tapioca, I tasted it… not bad… but i’m not sure if I would eat the whole cup. Old habits die hard! 🙂


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