Life can get crazy… but I completed 51,032 words!

That’s right! I did it by November 30th, and right before midnight (I completed those 15,000 plus words in 10 hours!!!), but I did it.

Actually, I didn’t finish the story itself either. This had me thinking? Is it that I have to have a COMPLETED STORY by Nov. 30th, or just 50,000 words of my story?

I can accept the answer that I was given. Basically the whole spirit of NaNoWriMo is to have a completed story by the 30th, not just 50k in words. So going by that I technically didn’t really complete my goal, though this is the most that I have EVER written for a story of mine.  I don’t have much time to write now since life has been crazy with all of the things that i’ve procrastinated on to write, but I just wanted to mention that I did finish the word count in time since it has been over 2 weeks and NOW is that I noticed that I haven’t followed up! Later today (or tomorrow) I will write down some of the craziness!

I hope that the rest of you did well! Now I need to get cracking on Holiday shopping, and on trying to find a Nintendo Wii for some family!


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