Wow… it’s been years!!! LITERALLY!

So i’m successfully focusing this week on my health with diet and excercise. I say successfully because it has been 2 days and i haven’t faltered yet. Yes, yes… i know… it IS EARLY to say but considering my recent attempts in the last few MONTHS, it is actually the longest that i have stuck with it so far.

Long story short, I decided that i wanted to keep a blog on my experience so far, to see if it keeps me on the straight and narrow as they say… and i remembered that i had a wordpress blog… YEARS ago.To be exact… last time i posted a blog was October 30th 2008!!!!

Not a typo.

With that in mind… i will try to make the creative juices flow and let this be a bit of a journal. Let’s see how often i keep up with it.

I doubt that anyone who was following me before is still doing so (cause if you are… you are one PATIENT Motha SHUTYOURMOUTH! 🙂

Let’s see what can be done and welcome back WEVMAX!


Follow up to “Thin line between cheating or not”…

So I hope that SOMEONE read my blog (doesn’t look like it… oh well!). Anyway, in case you were wondering, yes, it was a girl who thought that Step 1, thinking about someone in a romantic way was cheating.

Personally, I disagreed with that. Why? I won’t go as far as to say that the WRITER in me has to have a creative mind, but I’ve imagined some pretty saucy “thoughts, acts, and experiences” with attractive women that i’ve met. I’ve always been respectful, never crossed the line, i’m even careful about not letting my “eyes wander” and have never acted on these “thoughts”… but according to my friends classification, i’m a no good cheater!!!!

If this were the de-facto standard there wouldn’t be a single “non-cheating” man on this planet! I think that men are generally hard coded (and that was not meant as a pun… though i kind of “got it” LOL) to be this way. As boys getting into puberty, most boys spend their time trying to look at girls, girl pics, and fantasizing about them and everything that they would LOVE to do to them. Girls on the other hand, generally are thinking of the romance, and the sweet actions and gestures that boys can do to win her heart. Big difference right there alone! Now I don’t believe in absolutes, so of course there is a good portion of both genders that fall in the middle, or on the opposite side of either tracks… but the majority of men and women fall under these categories.

And of course, it was a man that said that as long as he doesn’t love the mistress, or would leave his wife for the mistress, then it isn’t cheating… which any sane person can acknowledge as a bit twisted and not true… my personal rule: If anything of yours or theirs penetrates an opening… it’s cheating. LOL.

NaNoWriMo 2008 is ALMOST HERE! My deliberation on writing 50,000 words in November of 2008?

It’s been a long time since i’ve written here and alot has happened. I’ve started pinging a few of my friends to see if I can con.. ahem… persuade them into doing NaNoWriMo with me this year (misery loves company!) but it looks like MAYBE one of the many dozens fell for… ahem… i mean is supporting and joining me in my cause! 🙂

Even then, I have really been contemplating whether I should even attempt to do so this year. Last year was my first year and there were definite high’s and low’s. So i’ve really started giving this some serious thoughts.

I’m in the process of buying a house and should close on it at the end of November (Yes… a major reason why i’m thinking of not doing it this year). That means that November will be spent packing, making arrangements with mortgage brokers, trying to read long, legalize documents asking for my limbs if i don’t pay my mortgage, and I will be generally going crazy.

Also, since last year I have been working at a new job which is very demanding. Every day I spend 2-4 hours on the phone and I work the hours of 10am to 7pm! Over the last 4 months it has knocked me off of my workout routines because I am just too emotionally spent to want to do anything after or BEFORE work!

Another thing, my daughter is looking at Universities and wants to go to Ohio in mid November to check it out since she has been accepted there and offered a partial scholarship! (Go daughter!) So in the middle of all this hell, going through “closing”, and trying to live my life I will need to take 3-4 days to do this as well!

Then there is Football (i’m in a fantasy league with my NY buddies!), Thanksgiving Holiday, and life and not to mention my significant other who I am sure will be complaining that I am not spending enough time with her!!!

So after serious deliberation… it is with a very sad heart that I must say aloud and acknowledge… that… “Your DAMN SKIPPY that i’m STILL going to attempt to write a novel this year!!!” 😀

Yes… i know… it is insane and it makes no kind of sense… BUT I am a [wannabee] writer! Sense has nothing to do with it, it is in my nature and that is why I must do it! (As the drowning scorpion said to the frog who was just stung!!!)

The good thing is… no amount of “I told you so…” will reach my deaf ears! I can already see myself, nearly weeping from sheer exhaustion at 3am in my quest to finish 50,000 words and having no one to spit my venom at but myself!!! Even so… this won’t stop me from going for it!

So I salute the defiant spirit in us all! Wish me luck!!!

Wevmax – NaNoWriMo 2008!

I’ve always loved “The Hypothetical” and “What if” questions…

Yes, I must admit that all of my life i’ve been a huge fan of the “Hypothetical Question”, and I can’t really think of why. I love nothing better than some “chatting time” with a buddy, or friend on a slow day at work, or some time to kill while waiting in a long line and then asking a “What if” question.

What I would notice about myself is that no matter what answer they would provide, I would eventually see what path they chose in their answer, where they found their “moral ground” in whatever the situation was, and I would then immediately begin to push them into grey territory. Life was no fun in the black and white areas… grey all the way! 🙂

So when I recently got into one of my moods, and you’ll know it when I start something like , “Hey, i’m bored. Let me ask you a personal question?” LOL. This is when you should run… not walk to your nearest exit.

Of course they will always say, “Sure.” At least if they are really any kind of friend they will, and that’s when I say, “So… if you were in a long-term relationship with someone… what line would they have to cross for you to consider them to be unfaithful or cheating?”

Before I go on, let me recommend that you ask your close friends this question whenever your feeling mischievous (which I apparently do when i get bored). So far the one constant that I noticed, and I hope someone follows up with a comment to see if they received the same reaction, is that at some point after that question, your friend WILL ASK YOU, “Why are you asking me this? What did you do??? Did you cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife???”, and they will then NOT BELIEVE YOU when you laugh and say, “NO! Why would you think that!!!! Where did that come from!!!!”

In my friends defense… I will say that I have a big smile on my face and I start laughing when I respond “NO”… so at least I understand why they don’t believe ME right off the bat! hehehehehe.

Anyway, the criteria was this. When would you consider your significant other “cheating” within these 5 steps. When?:

Step 1: They found someone attractive and had frequent thoughts of interaction, romance, physical connection with that person?

Step 2: If they start ACTING on these frequent thoughts but haven’t had any physical/sexual contact. Trying to get into a one-on-one situation, flirting, intimate contact like holding their hand, touching their shoulder, giving hugs and kisses on the cheek BUT NOT ON LIPS. Basically pursuing those feelings.

Step 3: Actual kissing (tap kiss on lips… no tongue), joking, flirting, and playing around (like a joking slap on the butt). Maybe sexual jokes and innuendo in addition to kiss. What would fall under, “Oh, that’s just harmless flirting!”

Step 4: Dirty talking, and full kiss (sensual and with tongue) , light groping

Step 5: Full out sex, intercourse, oral, etc.

Now, I can go on for a while on all of the responses that i heard. What I will say for now is that men and women generally had some interesting viewpoints on this. The range went from a Step 1, where THINKING ABOUT IT meant that the person was cheating (i’ll let you guess if it was a man or a woman who felt this way) or crossing the line with… to one person (still think that they were just messing with me) who told me with a serious face, that as long as they weren’t leaving the spouse for this person, and that they didn’t LOVE this person that they are having sex with… it isn’t cheating!!!! (Yeah…. i laughed pretty hard at that one! 🙂

I’ll follow up another day, but let me know what you think… or better yet… what you hear!

Can you remember why you don’t eat ______ ?

So my significant other apparently LOOOVVVEEESSSS Tapioca pudding, and I seem to have an unreasonable aversion to it (I don’t like it I say!).

Now, anyone who knows me can tell that it is RARE that I don’t “not like” ANYTHING! I’m a pretty open-minded eater… and I would even eat things that I don’t like under the right circumstances (like if I am a guest at someone’s home and they served me eggplant… I would still eat it and as far as they would know I would LOVE IT!).

I like to test my own limits, so I made some tapioca and want to know what I came up with? I don’t like tapioca because I faintly remembered eating some when I was about 10 years young and being sick. So I was sick when I last had it… and somehow I’ve associated tapioca with making me sick. Now, most of you are probably just thinking, “Yeah? So what’s the big deal?” But it got me thinking. What if the MAJORITY of the foods that you don’t like, have fallen into that category because at some point when you ate them, you either got sick, or were already sick through no fault of the particular food??? (Bad tapioca in my case?) So tapioca may have inadvertently gotten a bad rap in my book!

What reinforced this thought is that I spent some time with my brother who is a very picky eater, and we were just discussing why he doesn’t like pumpkin pie, but that he used to a few years ago? When asked why not, he admitted that he was sick and ate some a few years ago, and it OBVIOUSLY made him sicker (thought it may have had nothing to do with his sickness)… and now he can’t STAND pumpkin pie… but it’s PUMPKIN PIE! Oh well, just food for thought?

What do you think? Think of a food that you don’t really like or eat… and then think back as far as you can and see when was the last time that you ate it, or tried it? You may remember something that you forgot.

Found a few tips on what may make you “dislike” certain foods here. There was even an interesting article from the BBC saying how kids might be inadvertently programmed to dislike certain foods which can add some further info to this topic. Check them out and let me know what you think.

So I made tapioca, I tasted it… not bad… but i’m not sure if I would eat the whole cup. Old habits die hard! 🙂

Churning the thinking pot in 2008!

Hello 2008!!!!

I started this blog to document my NaNoWriMo 2007 adventure, and looking back it was a great experience. I have always wanted to write a book, and although this is not “THE NOVEL” that i’ve always wanted to write, it is a great step in the right direction. I met some great people, wrote 50,000+ words, and lived to write about it, but what do i do now?

Well, I’ve always been a “creative thinker” and I figured what a better way of writing my thoughts, world views, and sparking other thoughts than just writing? I don’t know how often I will do it… but I think that we can have some fun.

So to all readers, hope that you had a great 2008… and welcome to my blog… again. 🙂

Life can get crazy… but I completed 51,032 words!

That’s right! I did it by November 30th, and right before midnight (I completed those 15,000 plus words in 10 hours!!!), but I did it.

Actually, I didn’t finish the story itself either. This had me thinking? Is it that I have to have a COMPLETED STORY by Nov. 30th, or just 50,000 words of my story?

I can accept the answer that I was given. Basically the whole spirit of NaNoWriMo is to have a completed story by the 30th, not just 50k in words. So going by that I technically didn’t really complete my goal, though this is the most that I have EVER written for a story of mine.  I don’t have much time to write now since life has been crazy with all of the things that i’ve procrastinated on to write, but I just wanted to mention that I did finish the word count in time since it has been over 2 weeks and NOW is that I noticed that I haven’t followed up! Later today (or tomorrow) I will write down some of the craziness!

I hope that the rest of you did well! Now I need to get cracking on Holiday shopping, and on trying to find a Nintendo Wii for some family!